Mission Statement

Mission Statements

  • Sharing the gospel to every creature and leading them to God
  • Ministering to the whole man: spiritually, physically, emotionally and socially so as to hear from God and be transformed.
  • To organize periodic seminars that will enhance people’s knowledge in life with principles based on the word of God
  • Assemble and raise believers to put God first and yield totally to His calling thereby living a life of purpose
  • Showing people the love of Christ by reaching out to them through community service
  • Organising community outreach to the homeless, alcoholic, drug addict etc
  • Organising variety of programs, such as musical concerts etc, aimed at the youths.
  • Engage in meetings such as our Weekly/ monthly program tagged ‘Night of Breakthrough, Prophetic shower, Hour of Encounter’ and so on, where People’s problems are turned to testimonies.