1.)    To proclaim God’s words through music

2.)    Minister to and through those who serve in Watersprings Christian Centre.

3.)    Glorify God

4.)    To fully support each other and showing kindness with love.

In fulfilling our mission is dependent upon an earnest commitment from each choir member to our lord Jesus Christ.


To have a blend of voices and instrument to lead and inspire Gods people to become true worshipers in the Sunday worship services.


To glorify Jesus Christ, yielding our life to him to use us (Watersprings Christian Centre Choir) as tools by which to work through the lives of other individuals.

1.)    To prepare the hearts of the congregation to receive the word of God.

2.)    To be an example to the other  member of the body of the church (wcc)

3.)    To be effective in our ministry as a choir.

4.)    To strive for excellence in all endeavours relating to music

5.)    To become true worshipers been impacted by the word until Christ is revelled in us.


1.)    Realizing the importance of the ministry of the choir.

2.)    Be fully committed and faithful in attending rehearsals and services.

3.)    Commitment to the lordship of our lord Jesus Christ in every area of our lives.

4.)    In case of an unexpected absence, each member is asked to notify the secretary in advance as soon as possible in whichever way most expedient.

5.)    Encourage and bless one another also to serve and have an understanding you require.

6.)    We have to practice holiness and righteousness for without this we cannot achieve our purpose.

7.)    To be Baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit.

8.)    To be humble and have a teachable spirit.